Chief Executive Lioness

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Krystal Rivani is an accomplished real estate professional and Cheif Executive Lioness of the Black Lion pride. Born and raised in LA and a Registered Dietitian by trade, Krystal has spent the past couple of years providing support in marketing and branding for Black Lion. She has a passion for curating memorable bespoke experiences for her team, friends, and family and cherishes the opportunity to create a brand that supports and encourages individuality at all levels. Krystal is excited and determined to build a legacy with Robert that revolutionizes real estate as it relates to hospitality and allows freedom of self-expression and creativity. She is passionate about helping the less fortunate people and giving them hope and love Krystal works hard but also fits in personal self-care time in fitness. Krystal loves arts and creative outlets, including cooking, fashion, painting, and crafts. A nutrition enthusiast, she delights in preparing healthy meals with a dietitian-approved tone for her family. Whether it's your first time or you are dissatisfied with your previous experience, Krystal is your sure choice for all your real estate dreams, an ever-present and never yielding teammate.