Director Of Project Development

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Karl Matthew Garra, also known as Matt, is the Director of Project Development at Black Lion Pride, who is in charge of all construction works, overseeing the projects from beginning to completion. Matt attended the University of Akron, College of Engineering and Construction Technology.
Matt has prior experience working as the Regional Vice President for Tri-C Construction and Senior Project Manager at Fortney & Weyandt. He was excited and fortunate to be part of the construction management team building the Akron AA Baseball Stadium. The project was unique, with its schedule condensed from 16 months to 11, exposing Matt to critical project management and scheduling practices.
Matt enjoys managing contractors, budgets, and teams to bring projects to fruition. Along with bringing properties in disrepair back to functioning, vibrant shopping centers, his goal is to provide mentorship for people wanting to excel in construction management. His peers and colleagues contemplate him as a considerate, helpful, and versatile team leader with the know-how to get it done, and he has often been referred to as the closer.
Outside of work, Matt enjoys playing golf or baseball. He has been in a competitive men’s baseball league since 2000, competing with teams across the country and the globe.