Chief Legal Lion

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Marc Shandler, the Chief Legal Lion at Black Lion pride, has anchored his career on Stephen Covey's works and is also a mindfulness practitioner. He holds a J.D from Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A from the University of Pennsylvania.
Marc was smitten by the real estate bug in 6th grade, when his social studies teacher asked the students to create an imaginary city and Marc, inspired by the new DC metro system, created his own version of the subway system, designing the cars, the stations and a NYC-style subway map.
An exceptionally humble, an excellent active listener, and an eager-to-help professional, Marc is recognized as a trusted advisor and confidante at Black Lion, overseeing all the legal aspects of real estate transactions. He is passionate about the causes that protect and advance individuals' and organizations' interests.
Marc enjoys spending time with his wife, Dany, and their kids and delights most in any live music. He is an avid basketball fan, has coached his son's JCC basketball team for the past five years, and aspires to be a college basketball coach.