Senior Paralegal

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Dale Haynes, a student of architecture that grew up a native New Yorker that spent his free time watching amazing skyscrapers going up all around him.  This exposure created a love of all things real estate.  With years of experience in real estate banking and title law, he is part of the Black Lion legal team.  Supporting the Chief Legal Lion and Black Lion attorneys Dale is responsible for guiding the various transactions to completion.  Under the direction of house counsel Dale assist with resolving all legal matters related to the acquisition, disposition and management of Black Lions real estate assets. Before joining the BlackLion team, Dale has a long background in real estate banking as a Closing Manager.  Bringing transactions to close and resolving any issues along the way.  Dale has also worked in real estate title law, responsible for resolving complex issues and delivering clean properties to his clients. Dale enjoys tailoring men’s denim in his free time, spending time with family and embracing all that south Florida has to offer