Black Lion’s secret to success is our value-first framework. From conception to completion, we dare to execute differently while others continue to do the same old thing.

Over the past decade, we have experienced rapid growth and a deeper understanding of the word transformation. By transcending traditional commercial real estate paradigms, daring to make calculated business decisions, and assuming risk in capital improvements, Black Lion excels at seeing our creative visions through to fruition.

Urban redevelopment is the strong suit of our company. From the final pencil strokes on the blueprints to the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand opening, we have the infrastructure in place to facilitate world-renowned brands and reinvigorate communities with a new sense of pride.

Specializing in going above and beyond community member expectations in multiple industries, on a wide range of projects, sets us apart from the pack. Our portfolio is a diverse spectrum of artistic pursuits: stunning concept restaurants, luxury rooftop bars, elevated dining and nightlife experiences, and family-forward shopping complexes.

An extensive portfolio of reimagined properties shows that we have a proven foothold in the market and that Black Lion has a distinctive track record for conceptualizing innovative visions and bringing them to life.


The lion is an apex and keystone predator that lives and hunts in a social organization known as a “pride”. Black Lion embodies and builds upon our ferocious namesake’s natural design by operating at the highest echelon of the commercial real estate market.

Black Lion’s proprietary investment strategy begins and ends with developing a synergy for all of our properties. Part of this forward-thinking approach is choosing the correct tenants to create that synergy that will help multiple businesses thrive in a progressive, fulfilling, and cooperative environment.

As an industry leader in the commercial real estate world, we prioritize consistent dependable growth. As a liaison between our tenants and the rest of the commercial real estate world, we are uniquely positioned to not only provide in-depth market research but also accurately forecast financial prospects with strong leasing momentum.

Our extensive first-hand knowledge of key properties in multiple locations assists us in providing accurate assessments of asset identification. This is based on the same proven strategy that has awarded Black Lion with numerous sought-after properties while providing unparalleled experiential investment opportunities.

Our resolve to serve customers, investors, and community members with the utmost attention to detail and astute financial discernment, provides an unprecedented high level of service that is synonymous with the Black Lion name.